Sams Pantry


Fresh Organic Produce

My passion has always been food. I think we are so lucky everyday being able to plan and look forward to our next meal. Here in the South of Calabria this is really important and such an integral part of family life. Every day is a food celebration and every week a new fruit or vegetable appears for sale at the side of the road on a small market stall.The food in Calabria is so colorful and fresh and exciting. Really, self-sufficiency is common here and we have given this a try this summer. My husband Richard has with careful instruction planted an entire supply of summer produce. We were so excited when our first tomato ripened and I swear it was the best tomato I have ever tasted. The new potatoes are out of this world!

I have created a range of Sam’s Pantry chutneys and preserves, garden herb oils and flavored vinegars for you to pop into your new kitchen. They will add character to your suppers and grace your new property with homemede charm.

  • Homemade blood orange and pink grapefruit marmalade
  • Homemade Spicy apple and chilly chutney
  • Homemade Summer Strawberry Jam
  • Basil flavored olive oil
  • Garlic and thyme vinegar
  • Garden green tomato chutney